Nampa Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Representing Minors in Juvenile Court Proceedings

At times, minors lack the life experience and maturity to fully understand the consequences of their actions. They can be easily influenced by peers and the people they look up to, which can lead to bad decisions and even the commission of crimes. Other times, minors are believed to be guilty by association when they have done nothing wrong. At Govia Law PC., we represent minors across Southwest Idaho who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law.

If your son or daughter has been taken into custody or accused of a crime, a Nampa juvenile crime attorney at our firm can help. We believe in helping minors experience the benefits of rehabilitation, education, and counseling that the juvenile justice system can provide. We fight back against unfair treatment of minors and protect their right to remain in juvenile court. If a juvenile must be tried in criminal court for a particularly serious crime, our trial attorney stands ready for this.

Contact our firm at (208) 502-5006 for a free consultation regarding a juvenile crime.

How Our Juvenile Crime Attorney Can Help

There are many ways that our firm may be able to help a minor who has been accused of a crime:

  • We can pursue juvenile diversion programs, which allow a minor to resolve a criminal matter without having to appear in court. Community service, victim reparation, apology letters, and participation in diversion groups are utilized to rehabilitate the minor.
  • We can argue for informal adjustment probation, wherein a minor can avoid juvenile detention by complying with certain terms set forth by the juvenile court. When these terms are properly carried out, the charges are dropped.
  • We can take the necessary steps to have your child’s record sealed, which can preserve educational and employment opportunities.

Your child’s future is of the utmost importance to our defense firm. Call us at (208) 502-5006 to get started.

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