Nampa Child Abuse Lawyer

Criminal Defense Counsel for Child Abuse Charges & Allegations

Few cases are as sensitive as those involving the abuse of a child. Emotions run high, juries feel sympathetic, and penalties are harsh. Accusations may be based on circumstantial evidence at best, sometimes stemming from misunderstood situations or entirely false claims. It takes tenacity and an aggressive, well-thought-out approach to ensure the full protection of the accused’s rights.

You need to move fast if you have been accused of child abuse, neglect, or endangerment. Such accusations can become public very quickly and may jeopardize your job, your relationships, and your reputation. Involving a Nampa child abuse defense attorney will be your best course of action to minimize the damage and afford the best opportunity at avoiding a conviction or even formal charges in the first place.

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Challenging Child Abuse Allegations

Mounting an effective defense against child abuse allegations can be difficult, but it is not impossible. With our understanding of case law and state and federal legislation applying to child abuse, Govia Law PC. can create the most effective strategy based on the unique circumstances surrounding your case. The criminal justice system is set up to protect the rights of the accused; it is a matter of exercising these rights to the fullest extent and finding weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to undermine their efforts to put you behind bars. Our Nampa child abuse lawyer will use all of the knowledge and tools at our disposal to protect you.

The following may be valid defenses to child abuse allegations:

  • The allegations are entirely false, fabricated out of jealousy, anger, or revenge.
  • The act was misinterpreted or miscommunicated and did not constitute abuse.
  • The injury was the result of an accident, not intentional conduct.
  • The injury was caused by something other than child abuse, such as a fight at school.
  • You acted within your right to discipline your child.

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