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Establish Guardianship and Conservatorship with the Assistance of Our Boise Lawyers

Legal status for caregivers

A loved one with an illness, injury or disability may be at risk of physical harm or financial ruin. Gulstrom & Govia takes legal action to establish a guardianship or conservatorship relationship that authorizes you or another appropriate person to assist your loved one with legal or financial decisions. Established in 2001, our law firm guides you through this important process to secure your loved one’s well-being, health and safety.

Who may be a ward

A competent person who merely makes bad or careless choices does not require the assistance of a guardian or conservator. These relationships are designed to help people whose health, safety and well-being are at risk because of their lack of capacity to make decisions. Individuals who may become wards include the following:

  • Minors under the age of 18 whose parents are unable or unwilling to provide the level of care necessary
  • People who have disabilities that compromise their decision-making abilities
  • People incapacitated by old age, illnesses or injuries that interfere with their decision-making

Guardians handle caretaking duties

Guardianship is the legal relationship created when the court appoints a competent person to make legal decisions for a ward who cannot make them. The guardian is often a spouse, adult child, sibling, grandparent, parent or other relative of a ward who is a developmentally disabled adult.

A guardian takes on parental responsibilities to ensure that the ward is receiving adequate day-to-day care, medical treatment, housing, clothes and food. Unless also appointed as a conservator, the guardian does not handle the ward’s finances.

Conservators manage the ward’s assets

Conservatorship is the legal relationship created when the court appoints a competent person to manage the financial affairs of a ward who cannot make related decisions. Although a relative can be a conservator, a bank may be a more appropriate choice if the ward has significant or complicated assets.

A conservator ensures that the ward’s bills are paid and manages assets. The court monitors annual reports submitted by the conservator providing an accounting of the estate’s activities. The conservator is not responsible for caretaker duties.

Filing for guardianship and conservatorship

Because a ward often requires both the assistance of a guardian and a conservator, our law firm typically files these petitions with the petitioning the court for conservatorship and guardianship in the same proceedings, our attorneys reduce your expenses and expedite the process of getting your loved one needed help.

Our law firm assists you with all of your family law needs, including divorce, paternity, visitation, custody and grandparents’ rights.

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