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Guiding you through paternity proceedings in Idaho courts

When a married couple has a baby, the husband is automatically presumed to be the father with all the joys and responsibilities that the status entails. However, unmarried parents must either acknowledge paternity or prove the relationship through DNA evidence. Establishing legal paternity is necessary to secure financial support and child visitation rights. In addition, paternity may dictate a child’s access to inheritance, health insurance, Social Security and other benefits available through the father. Since 2001, Gulstrom & Govia has guided clients through the process of proving or disproving their paternity in Idaho. If you are the mother, our lawyers help you hold the father to his child support obligations. As the father, we help you embrace parenthood. But then again, if you have been wrongly alleged to be the father, we protect you from a lifetime of financial support of a child who is not yours.

Voluntarily establishing paternity

The Idaho Paternity Act is codified in Title 7, Chapter 11. This extensive legislation governs paternity proceedings, including voluntary acknowledgement by parents who both know the baby’s paternity. You can file a written voluntary acknowledgement of parentage if you and the other parent do not dispute paternity. Both parents must agree to the voluntary acknowledgement, which can be filed at any point after the birth of your child until the age of majority.

Court proceedings to establish paternity

The mother, father or child can petition the court to rule on paternity. The judge orders all parties to undergo genetic testing, a painless procedure in which a technician collects DNA samples with a cheek swab. A genetic test result reflecting a 98-percent probability of paternity creates a rebuttable presumption of paternity. The court considers a test result that excludes a man as the father to be conclusive of nonpaternity.

Procedures after you establish paternity

The court does not automatically order child support and visitation after you establish paternity. Our lawyers take prompt action to obtain financial support or visitation rights as appropriate. We also represent grandparents who seek visitation with their grandchild.

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