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Empowering you to escape domestic violence

If you are the victim of domestic violence, Gulstrom & Govia urges you to get your family to a safe place. If you are in immediate danger, call 911 or go to the home of a friend or to a shelter. You do not waive your rights to your home and property by leaving, which is unfortunately a common myth. Our firm can assist you in obtaining important law enforcement protection available to you under the Idaho laws.

Established in 2001, our Boise and Nampa family law firm acts decisively and promptly to protect your rights. Our lawyers empower you to escape domestic violence by giving you the legal support you need. Because your well-being is our primary concern, we appeal to the court for a protection order requiring your abuser to remain away from you and your family. We also advise you on related vital issues, such as filing for divorce from your abuser and petitioning for custody of your children.

Idaho domestic violence laws

Provisions contained in Idaho Statute Title 39, Chapter 63 are known as the Domestic Violence Crime Prevention Act. The purpose of this act is to deter, prevent and reduce domestic violence by providing victims with essential legal intervention from law enforcement agencies. The statutes govern such important matters as petitioning for a protective order, judges’ authority to issue orders and criminal penalties for violators.

Victims of domestic violence can petition for protection orders

You can apply for a protection order from the civil court if you are the victim of one of the following:

  • A spouse, former spouse or a person who resides or formerly resided with you
  • A person you are or were dating
  • A person related to you by blood, adoption or marriage

You may also petition the court for protection on behalf of your minor child. The violence may be physical or sexual or involve false imprisonment or threats of committing these acts against you.

Petitioning for a protection order

Your initial protection order is valid for three months but may be extended for one-year periods by a judge. The order mandates that your abuser stay a certain distance away from your home and work and not communicate with you or your family. Your abuser can be arrested and charged with a crime for violating the protection order.

Contact our Boise lawyers to get the legal support you need to escape domestic violence

For more information about domestic violence and your rights to a protection order, consult with our dedicated attorneys at Gulstrom & Govia.

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