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Attorneys Guide Families Through the Adoption Process

Assistance with Idaho adoptions from start to finish

Adopting a child is one of the most exciting experiences a person can imagine. However, the process may also be filled with anxiety and uncertainty about something going wrong. Established in 2001, Gulstrom & Govia guides you through this important event with professionalism and dedication. By troubleshooting problems, you can feel confident about your adoption going smoothly.

Types of adoptions in Idaho

One of the first steps in the process is choosing which adoption path is right for your family. Our lawyers explain each type of adoption and guide you through the following processes:

  • Public adoption — Our lawyers work with the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare to facilitate adoption of a child within the state’s foster care program.
  • Independent adoption — Biological parents may choose to place their child directly with you for adoption, in which case, our attorneys handle all aspects of your adoption from the initial contract to finalization.
  • Grandparent adoption — If the parents cannot care for your grandchildren, our law firm helps you obtain parental rights through adoption, or if it is more appropriate for your situation, we may advise you about your guardianship and conservatorship options.
  • Stepparent adoption — Although your spouse’s child may already seem like your own, we assist you in legalizing your parental relationship.
  • Closed adoption — If you choose traditional closed adoption, we ensure that your family’s privacy is fully protected.

Termination of parental rights

Before you can adopt a child, the biological parents’ They have to be terminated either voluntarily or involuntarily. Public adoptions typically involve a court procedure for terminating parental rights because of abandonment, neglect or abuse. In other types of adoption, the natural parents often relinquish their rights to the adoptive parents. Our attorneys review your case carefully to ensure that the parents’ rights have been legally terminated so you can feel comfortable that your adoption is safe from future intrusion by the courts.

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