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Boise Attorneys Guide You Through Modification of Your Divorce Order

Modifying child support and child custody orders

During the years following your divorce, you are likely to experience many changes in your life. Idaho laws and procedures reflect an understanding of this and allow you to petition the court to modify your child support and child custody orders in accordance with your changed circumstances.

Gulstrom & Govia was founded in 2001 to help Boise and Nampa residents through difficult circumstances. Our divorce lawyers effectively resolve the following crucial matters:

  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Division of assets
  • Child support
  • Child custody

In addition, we remain available to you after your divorce to handle modification and enforcement of orders.

Changed circumstances that may permit modification of child support payments

The Idaho Child Support Guidelines is designed to divide equitably financial support between parents. The court relies on the guidelines during divorce proceedings to establish a child support payment schedule fair to both parents. The same rules apply to calculations of a new amount in a subsequent modified order.

For the court to consider modifying your order, we must prove that a change of circumstance has made it difficult for you to pay the amount currently required or has put the other parent in a position to take on a higher percentage of the financial obligations. For example, a failed business or recent debilitating injury that drastically has reduced the paying spouse’s income may be considered a changed circumstance. Conversely, the other parent’s lottery win or lucrative stock sale should help support the children’s upbringing.

Relocation and order modification

The courts typically err on the side of stability and consistency regarding children’s living arrangements, family life and education. However, judges may consider relocation requests if the move is in the children’s best interests. For the custodial parent, we stress the benefits your children are likely to experience if you move out of the Boise or Nampa areas. If we represent the noncustodial parent, we collect evidence regarding the irreparable harm such a move would have on that parent’s relationship with the children and how the relocation adversely would disrupt the children’s lives.

If the court allows relocation, our law firm helps to establish the most appropriate visitation terms for the parent who remains in Idaho and petitions for a modification of the visitation order.

For more information about modification of your court order, consult our family law firm in Boise

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