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When parents separate, they may continue to share the costs of raising their children. To ensure that this responsibility is equitably divided, the courts often establish child support payments that the noncustodial parent sends to the custodial parent on a monthly basis. You must be proactive and diligent to make sure that your portion of the financial obligation is fair to you and your children.

Since our founding in 2001, Gulstrom  & Govia  has assertively represented Boise and Nampa parents on both sides of the child support issue. We can assist you with establishing equitable child support, modifying your order and enforcing an order if the other parent is in arrears on payments.

Idaho Child Support Guidelines

The Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure contains Idaho Child Support Guidelines. Last updated in July 2012, the guidelines provide the legal foundation for calculating the division of financial support. In making an accurate calculation, the court considers both parents’ gross incomes, fringe benefits and potential earned incomes. The court may also consider tax benefits and childcare and transportation costs in the final child support tally. Although the guidelines include a table with specific amounts, the court may deviate from them if you demonstrate unusual circumstances or your children have special needs.

Negotiating child support payments

Our attorneys know what the court is likely to rule in your child support case before we begin negotiations with the other parent. With this information in mind, we are effective in reaching a just agreement with the other parent through mediation. We also address these important financial support matters:

  • Determining which parent claims the children on tax returns
  • Maintaining health insurance for the children
  • Providing for unique educational opportunities
  • Providing for special medical and developmental needs
  • Providing for automobiles, cell phones, computers and other expenses
  • Funding college education

Enforcing child support orders

The parent who maintains child custody typically bears a greater financial burden of paying for day-to-day expenses. This is why child support was introduced into the family law system in the first place. When the noncustodial parent falls behind on payments, the financial strain on your family can be enormous. Our attorneys work closely with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to hold the other parent to the responsibilities listed on the child support order.

If you want to establish fair child support or modify or enforce an existing order, contact our Boise lawyers for help

To learn more about how child support guidelines apply to your personal circumstances, consult with Gulstrom & Govia Contact us online or call 208-546-9933 to schedule your free consultation.


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