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Our Nampa Divorce Attorneys Protect Your Best Interests

Get fair terms during and after your divorce in Idaho

Gulstrom & Govia has assisted Boise and Nampa clients through divorce since our founding in 2001. Key to our success is our attorneys’ focus on preparation and research. Our diligence and determination has earned us a winning track record for reaching the desired divorce terms and resolving issues arising in the years following separation.

We can guide you toward resolution of the following matters:

  • Property division — Our law firm helps you preserve your financial security by orchestrating a fair division of your marital property.
  • Child support — The Boise and Nampa child support lawyers of Gulstrom & Govia helps to ensure that both parents share the responsibility of raising their children.
  • Custody and visitation — Our attorneys protect your parental rights by developing fair custody and visitation arrangements in your children’s best interests.
  • Modification of orders — To reflect changed circumstances in your life, we can seek modification of your existing child support, visitation and custody orders.

Negotiating through mediation to reach an equitable divorce settlement

Our law firm is usually able to reach divorce agreements without the need for expensive, drawn-out trials. Mediation provides a forum for negotiating an agreement with the guidance of a trained facilitator. Throughout your mediation session, an attorney remains by your side, implementing the strategies we carefully developed to reach your goals. The many potential advantages of the mediation process include the following:

  • Reducing costs of divorce
  • Expediting the process of finalizing your divorce
  • Giving you more control over the divorce proceedings
  • Minimizing the stress of divorce
  • Developing a sense of cooperation between separated parents

Our law firm advocates for your rights in divorce litigation

Although mediation is a valuable tool in most divorces, some cases are better handled through litigation. Mediation is inappropriate if you are the victim of domestic violence, for example, or if your spouse is dependent on drugs or alcohol. A spouse’s excessive bitterness and hostility may also make compromise unlikely. In these cases, our trial lawyers may recommend litigation as the best means of protecting your interests.

Throughout your divorce trial, we are mindful about your costs and your time. Each step we take is designed to minimize expenses and to reach the most equitable terms in the most efficient manner possible.

Learn how our experienced Boise law firm can protect your best interests during your divorce and in the years that follow

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