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Solid criminal defenses against grand theft and petit theft

Various terms are used to describe the act of theft, such as shoplifting, identity theft or mugging, depending on the nature and circumstances of the allegations. Theft can fall into two degrees, grand or petit, based on the value of the property and other factors. Convictions under both classifications of theft carry hefty penalties that may include incarceration, probation, fines and monetary restitution to the victims. No matter how low the value of the property, theft convictions tend to hinder future employment opportunities, resulting in a lifetime sentence.

Founded in 2001, Gulstrom & Govia advocates for your rights in state and federal charges of theft and fraud. If it is better for your immediate and long-term interests, we negotiate to reduce your felony grand theft charge to a misdemeanor petit theft charge. If you are best served by fighting the charge, we demand that the prosecution meet its burden of proof at trial.

Crimes considered grand theft

Grand theft is a felony punishable by one to 20 years in prison, fines up to $10,000 and payment for the money or value of the property at issue. A theft is charged as a felony if law enforcement asserts that:

  • You threatened another person with physical injury, property damage or repercussions associated with your official duty or position.
  • The value of the property exceeds $1,000.
  • The property is a public record or instrument appropriately filed by a public officer or servant.
  • The property is a bank check, draft, order or financial transaction card or the account numbers used to withdraw money from a financial institution.
  • You took the property, regardless of its value, from another person’s body.
  • You obtained the property by extortion.
  • The property is a firearm, rifle or shotgun.
  • The property is an animal with a market value of more than $150.
  • Several acts of theft constitute one common scheme or plan with the aggregate value of property exceeding $1,000.
  • You committed three episodes of theft within three days of property with an aggregate value of more than $50.

Charges considered petit theft

Petit theft is a misdemeanor with potential penalties of up to one year in county jail, up to $1,000 fines and victim restitution payments. All theft charges that do not meet the definition for grand theft are charged as petit thefts.

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For a strong defense in grand theft or petit theft charges, rely on Gulstrom & Govia.

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