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Our Dedicated Lawyers Represent Juveniles in the Criminal Justice System

Helping Boise and Nampa families through the Idaho courts

Because juveniles often lack the maturity and life experiences to fully understand the adverse consequences of their actions, the criminal justice system treats them differently from adults. The juvenile justice courts are focused on rehabilitation, education, counseling and family involvement, rather than just on punishment as in the adult courts.

Established in 2001, Gulstrom & Govia zealously advocates for your child’s best interests. We strike the balance between getting children the help they need and preventing unnecessary intrusions by the courts into a family’s life.

Juvenile diversion programs in Canyon County and Ada County

Juvenile diversion programs in Canyon and Ada counties allow your child to resolve a police matter without appearing in court. To take advantage of this voluntary program, our lawyers request that the prosecutors refer your child to the diversion probation officer for evaluation. If your child decides to participate, we work with the diversion officer to develop appropriate contract terms, which may involve:

  • Community service
  • Victim reparation
  • Apology letters
  • Participation in appropriate diversion groups

Having your child’s charges dropped through juvenile probation

If your child is not eligible for a diversion program and is found guilty of a crime, our attorneys argue for informal adjustment probation. This status avoids detention under conditions specified by the court, such as performing community service, attending a drug treatment program, paying restitution to the victim and staying out of trouble. All of your child’s charges are dropped after successful completion of the probation terms.

Formal probation and expungement of juvenile records

Formal probation releases your child to your care under the specific conditions ordered by the court. However, at completion of the probation terms, the charges remain on your child’s record. In this case, we explain to you when your child is qualified for juvenile record expungement, which is not automatic in Boise or Nampa. As soon as Idaho law allows, our attorneys take the steps necessary to seal your child’s criminal record. This procedure secures a brighter future for your child or teen who has gotten into legal trouble.

Help secure your child’s successful future after a juvenile offense by consulting our criminal defense lawyers in Boise, Idaho

Because we believe that taking the right steps now can benefit your child’s future, Gulstrom & Govia aggressively pursues the best outcome in juvenile court proceedings.

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