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Our Boise Attorneys Defend You in Fraud and Forgery Prosecutions

Criminal defenses in Idaho and federal white-collar crimes

Certain types of theft, such as fraud, forgery and counterfeiting, are called white-collar crimes. Convictions for these nonviolent financial crimes can carry stiff penalties that typically include restitution of the amounts at issue, potential jail sentences and probation.

Gulstrom & Govia was founded in 2001 by experienced criminal defense lawyers. We have the financial knowledge to advise you on challenging fraud and forgery allegations and the trial skills to aggressively fight your charges.

Forgery laws and penalties in Idaho

Title 18, Chapter 36 of Idaho’s statutes contains the forgery and counterfeiting criminal codes. To convict you of forgery, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you altered, falsely created, illicitly copied or wrongly endorsed letters, deeds, wills, codicils, bank notes, federal reserve notes, U.S. currency, checks, promissory notes, receipts, stock certificates, powers of attorney or other documents with the intent to deceive, prejudice, damage or defraud another person, or that you attempted to pass a forged item.

Penalties for forgery range from one to 14 years in prison. To defend you against forgery, we first demand that the prosecution prove the elements of the crime. If the state or federal attorney presents sufficient evidence, we lodge an aggressive defense that may involve refuting your role in altering or making the documents or demonstrating your authority to do so.

Idaho fraud laws

Idaho fraud laws are contained in numerous statutes covering theft by fraud, including consumer, business, investment and mortgage fraud. Some main provisions include:

  • Idaho Statutes Title 67, Chapter 27 — The Financial Fraud Prevention Act governs financial fraud crimes involving employees or affiliated people who have fiduciary duties.
  • Idaho Statutes Title 26, Chapter 22 — The Idaho Collection Agency Act regulates debt collection practices.
  • Idaho Statutes Title 26, Chapter 31 — The Idaho Residential Mortgage Practices Act describes prohibited practices of mortgage brokers and lenders.
  • Idaho Statutes Title 30, Chapter 14 — The Idaho Uniform Securities Act of 2004 contains provisions regarding investment advisors.

If it is in your best interests, our lawyers negotiate pleas to reduce jail time, fines and restitution in your fraud or forgery case.

Learn more about fraud and forgery charges in Idaho

For assertive defense in your forgery or fraud charges, Gulstrom & Govia demands that the state or federal prosecutors meet their burden of proof.

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