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Our Highly Qualified Criminal Defense Firm Fights Against Boise Drug Possession Charges

We provide the aggressive defense you need in Idaho drug cases

Conviction for possessing even small amounts of drugs for your own personal use can result in serious consequences. Idaho’s harsh penalties for drug crimes include jail time, fines, probation and a criminal record that follows you for the rest of your life. With so much at stake, you need to take immediate action if you are arrested for drug possession.

Gulstrom & Govia was founded in 2001 by aggressive trial lawyers who advocate for your rights in the criminal justice system. We demand that the prosecution uphold its burden of proof, and we seek dismissal, acquittal or reduced charges, depending on the nature and level of evidence law enforcement has against you. If it’s in your best interest, our lawyers request drug and mental health alternative sentencing to get you treatment instead of jail time.

Alternative sentencing options in drug courts

The Idaho Drug and Mental Health Court Act established special courts that address the issues of addiction and mental illness as major contributors to crimes in the state. These courts are overseen by a committee that includes:

  • Judges
  • Court administrators
  • Mental health professionals
  • Treatment providers
  • Prosecuting attorneys
  • Public defenders
  • State and county probation officers
  • Juvenile corrections representatives
  • Law enforcement, health and welfare personnel and other interested parties who coordinate the best means for helping defendants suffering from addiction or mental health issues

The program is designed to decrease recidivism and to give people access to the treatments they need.

You may qualify for the alternative court if you have been charged with a nonviolent drug crime. To participate in the special drug program instead of incarceration, you would agree to mental health evaluation, drug testing and professional treatment under court supervision. Our Boise drug crime defense attorneys advise you about the benefits and obligations involved in agreeing to alternative sentencing under the drug and mental health courts. If this alternative sentencing program is right for you, we negotiate with the prosecution for your admission and participate in developing a helpful and fair treatment program for you.

For aggressive representation in your drug possession case, consult our criminal defense law firm in Boise

To learn about your options after your arrest for drug possession, consult with our dedicated attorneys at Gulstrom & Govia.

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