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Nampa Criminal Defense Attorneys Protect Your Rights in the Justice System

Trial advocates aggressively defend you against criminal prosecution

An arrest can put everything in your future at risk, including your career, finances, family and freedom. With so much at stake, you need help right away if you are charged with a crime.

Gulstrom & Govia has represented individuals throughout Southwest Idaho since 2001. Our team includes two former Canyon County deputy prosecutors and exceptional trial lawyers who aggressively pursue the best outcome for your case. We understand that arrests don’t always occur during normal business hours, and we are available when you need us in an emergency, even nights and weekends.

Demanding that the prosecution prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt

Under the American criminal justice system, you are innocent unless proven guilty. The prosecutor’s job is to present to the jury truthful and accurate evidence related to your charges. The evidence must show beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. Otherwise, the jury’s verdict should be to acquit or the state should drop its charges against you. Our Boise criminal defense lawyers demand that the prosecution uphold its burden of proof.

Our investigation and preparation weakens the prosecution’s case against you

Our law firm employs effective investigative methods that support your defense. During our thorough investigation and discovery, we may find that the facts are different from what they first appeared to be or not as the state attorney claims. We may also discover gaps in the evidence that leave room for reasonable doubt. Because our lawyers are always well prepared, the prosecutors know we are ready for trial. The holes we poke in their case help us negotiate a better plea deal, if appropriate in your case, and weaken their case during trial.

Exercise your rights

Prior to your arrest, a police officer should have read you your Miranda rights, which include your right to remain silent and to retain an attorney. Exercise your rights. Do not agree to a search without a warrant, which is usually illegal but often done during investigations of Nampa drug crimes, and do not submit to questioning by law enforcement without your lawyer present. Contact our criminal defense law firm immediately if you have been charged with a crime involving any of the following:

  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking, sales and distribution
  • Violent crimes and sex crimes
  • Assault and battery
  • Domestic violence
  • Child abuse
  • Fraud and forgery
  • Theft
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Federal crimes
  • DUI

Our lawyers can also review your situation to determine if you are eligible for a record expungement.

Lodge an aggressive defense against your Boise criminal charges

For determined, effective defense in your criminal case, Gulstrom & Govia is available now.

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